Regional driving forces

Regional driving forces

What will your challenge be?

Take up a challenge that reflects who you are, alone or in a group, and raise funds for your hospital among your family, friends and colleagues.

30 minutes of meditation, a 90-minute walk with your grandmother, 300 minutes of biking, 420 minutes of walking with your dog, or any other challenge of your choosing… Be creative! The sky’s the limit!

For which Foundation do you want to take up the challenge?

You have until September 25 to achieve your challenge and raise donations.
At the end of the event, you will take part in a big virtual gathering to celebrate your efforts!

Push your limits for your Hospital!

“Every idea is a good idea! It can be as simple as committing to yoga every morning, or three walks a week…Every goal will make a difference!"

Josée Lavigueur, spokesperson for the event

The pandemic has left its mark on our hospitals. The impact of the lockdown and offloading are starting to take their toll on the population.

Nearly one-quarter of adults in the Montérégie are showing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Patients are coming into hospitals with conditions that are worse than what we were seeing 20 years ago. And many patients are at risk of getting a late diagnosis of cancer or a chronic disease.

The hospitals need you so that everyone can be treated in a timely fashion and receive safe healthcare.

To share your challenge, stay connected with your team members, keep motivated, and track your fundraising results:

En tant que participant au Défi, vous serez invités à participer à notre grand rassemblement virtuel le 25 septembre 2021.

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