A few tips to make your fundraising effort a success!

You have until September 25 to reach your Défi des générations goal. Fundraising is easier than you think! Here are a few tips to help you reach your goal:
Once you’ve signed up, you can modify your personal page and start fundraising:
  1. Open a session (button at the top right) and click on the “My page” circle on the left.
  2. Add a profile picture (click on “Modify my page” in the square for your profile picture).
  3. Modify and personalize the text for your page by explaining why you care about the cause and why you are taking part in the Generations Challenge. To make your text more personal, sign it at the end.
  4. The Facebook icon at the bottom of the page lets you share on your personal Facebook page.

Now you can start asking your family and friends to encourage you in your challenge!

  1. Click on the “Ask a friend to encourage me” tab, and insert the emails of your contacts. You don’t have to choose among your contacts: just spread the word about your participation and see what happens! You never know what kind of response you might get! You may be surprised to get support from people you have not been in contact with for a long time! Let your contacts decide if they want to encourage you!
  2. Modify the message to make it more personal and press “Send.” Here’s an example you could use:


Hello (First name of the person you are contacting),

The hospitals have been there for us over the last year. Now it’s time for us to be there for them! I, for one, have decided to give them a helping hand.

The pandemic has left its mark on our hospitals. The impact of the lockdown and offloading are starting to take their toll on the population. Believe it or not, nearly one-quarter of adults in the Montérégie are showing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and patients are coming into hospitals with conditions that are worse than what we were seeing 20 years ago, even though medicine has advanced so much since then. And many patients are at risk of getting a late diagnosis of cancer or a chronic disease. We have to take action—now! Everyone deserves timely and safe treatment!

I’m taking part in the Generations Challenge for my hospital, Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne. I’m challenging myself to (indicate the challenge you chose) and to raise (indicate the amount).

Help me reach my goal! You too will be participating in this major show of solidarity to advance vital projects for our hospitals! To make a donation to my fundraising effort, click here: (insert the link to your personal page by copying your URL link).

If you would like to know more about the impact of last year’s Generations Challenge, take a look at the impact report at www.defidesgenerations.com/en.

Thank you for your compassionate and generous support.

(Your first name)

You have until September 25 to reach your goal in the Generations Challenge. Fundraising is easier than you think! Here are a few tips to help you reach your goal:
  1. Share your challenge on social networks.
  2. Send a personalized email to your contacts (family, friends, colleagues, etc.).
  3. Take advantage of your birthday to ask for donations.
If you have reached your fundraising goal (congratulations!), why not raise the bar! Tell your donors that thanks to their generosity, you have reached your goal and have decided to raise the bar. This way, people who did not make a donation yet will be encouraged to do so to help you reach your new goal.

Do you know people from your sports activities who enjoy pushing the limits or who care about healthy living? If so, put together a team!

  • Give your team a rallying name!
  • Set an ambitious yet realistic fundraising goal.
  • Identify what unifies the members of your team, the reasons why you’re participating.
  • Take a team photo and insert it as the profile picture for your team page.
  • Send an email to congratulate the members of your team as soon as one of you has received a donation or achieved their goal.
  • Be creative when soliciting donations for your team in your workplace: place an eye-catching donation box with your team colours at reception or in the staff kitchen, make a progress chart to track donations and highlight the best teams

Raising funds on your own is great, but it’s so much more motivating when you’re part of a team. If you know other people who love sports, people who enjoy pushing their limits or who care about healthy living, invite them to join your team!

  1. Open your session by clicking on the CONNECTION button, at the top right.
  2. Select your team page. You can easily find your team page at the bottom of your personal page.
  3. Think of a group of people who could be interested (colleagues, family members, neighbours, leisure/sports groups, friends, etc.). You’ll find some interesting options at the bottom of the team page.
  4. Invite them to join your team.

People rarely offer to give money, but when asked to support a cause, they usually do it whole-heartedly, especially if they’re supporting someone they know. They’ll recognize and appreciate your commitment!

  • Share your participant profile on your Facebook page and tag your friends to ask them to support you.
  • Send a personalized message to your contacts on Facebook Messenger.
  • Invite your friends to like the Défi des générations page on Facebook (Insert the link to the Défi page).
  • Ask your friends and family to spread the word about your fundraising initiative and to share it on their network.


A thank you email is automatically sent to your donors who made an online donation. However, we recommend that you take the time to thank them personally. You can thank them directly from your profile or via any messaging system you use.